Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nothing much this week!

It has been a pretty uneventful week.
Yams do seem to be going over better, and standing and sitting up has improved immensely. Juliet is just the sweetest thing ever.

She has been sleeping much better during he day and even naps regularly now. I have started laying her down by herself for naps and she does pretty well falling asleep on her own. Not at night though! It is always a fight to get her down for the night -- but I can't complain because she stays down.
One new bummer of a development is she is getting what looks like eczema on her legs and arms. We are going to take her to the doctor sometime this week just to make sure that's what it is. Maybe he'll even prescribe something so we will be able to take advantage of her free prescriptions instead of having to purchase new baby lotion!
It's been fun to watch Isaac and Juliet play together. They really just hit each other and pull each others' ears but they seem to enjoy it and we like to laugh at them. Juliet is still a little bigger than he is and she just seems so bossy when they are together.
Anyway -- that's all for now.

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