Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009

Best Movie: Keep in mind I do not watch movies til they come to redbox. And I don't watch R rated movies. Probably per pure entertainment value my favorite movie this year was Star Trek. I do look forward to seeing Avatar and Sherlock Holmes though!
Best Book: My to read list is huuuuuge this year, and unfortunately I didn't get through much! But I did love The Poisonwood Bible, Ahab's Wife, and East of Eden. Oh and Name of the Wind was one of the best fantasy I have read in a long time.
Best Place to Live: I've only lived in Lubbock this year. And I did not appreciate the snow.
Best TV Show: Still Chuck. My will power alone saved it for another season. I still love Lost though!
Best Video Game: Mario Kart didn't come out this year, but I got it this year, and I have played it plenty!
Best Home-made Dinner: Garlic mushroom chicken! Brett hated it, of course, so I will probably never make it again. Sad.
Best Deal: $750 for a Nikon N90. And I won $500 in a writing contest, so it was really only $250. You can't beat that!
Best New Hobby: I sew now, did you hear?

Yes I backdate.

At least I've blogged!