Sunday, November 18, 2012

Clever Lubbock-Foutzy title referencing the Beverly Hillbillies.

Let me tell you little story bout a girl named Kris
who nearing on a year 'go threw a tantric blogging fit.
she was writing 'bout the Oscars when she was hacked by Gwen Paltrow
and instead of getting even she took 10 months to drown her woes

in ice cream that is.  rocky road.  chocolatey cream.

well the first thing to know, the oscars were a joke
and other things have happened through the year that must be spoke
like Brett is graduating, and Jujy's gettin' educated
and though they didn't plan it kris ended up impregnated

great with child she is, super fat. extra large.

now it's time to say hello to Kris and all her kin
we promise to update some time about Bensen
and Spain and turkey dinners and dear Boise Idaho
and a baby that might not be named before he makes his show.

big debut i mean.  didn't rhyme.  sounded weird.

ya'll come back again.