Friday, July 17, 2009

Domestic Goddess

Several months ago a youth knocked on my door trying to sell magazines to help pay for his trip to some place he thought was interesting. I don't remember where. Anyway, he asked what I did for a living, and I told him I was a 'stay at home mom.' His response,

"A stay at home mom? Oh, you mean a Domestic Goddess."

I did not buy a magazine. However, that phrase has always stuck with me. Now whenever I fill in paperwork and come to the employment box, I write "Domestic Goddess." It reminds me that even though some days I feel like less than mud, fulfilling my role as Wife and Mother is preparing me for the day when I can truly become a Goddess. And more importantly than that, it makes me happy to do it. I like to imagine people's expressions when they reach that part of my paperwork.
So ever since Bensen was born I have struggled with getting things done in my house. I must admit, I have let things slip a bit. At first it was totally justified. Having two kids is overwhelming. Having two little kids is impossible. And yet somehow women get through it every day. I am now at a point where life is livable again. Juliet seems to be calmer (or maybe I deal with her tantrums better?) and Bensen is growing up, and needing less attention less often. I am however, unfortunately in a routine that does not often include many responsibilities required of a Domestic Goddess.
For example:
Cooking Dinner. Dinner is a rare event in my house these days. Unacceptable.
Folding Laundry. Oh I shudder to think of my stacks of unfolded laundry!!
Blogging. Although Blogging is not a requirement for motherhood, I do feel it is a must for all Domestic Goddesses. What is the point of being domestically divine if no one knows about it? Blogs are like domestic scripture.
Some Sort of Hobby. A Domestic Goddess does not become weary with the monotonous tasks of daily life, for she has a personal outlet! Something she loves, or is really good at, or does simply so her mind won't rot away.
Exercising. A Hobby for a non-rotty mind, and Exercise for a non-rotty body.
Scripture Study and Prayer. A Hobby for a non-rotty mind, Exercise for a non-rotty body, and Prayer and Scripture Study for a non-rotty spirit.
Clean House. My house is already ALWAYS clean . . . ish . . . most of the time.

Monday starts a new day! I mean week. So, my goal this week is to experience a week of true domestic divinity. I don't have any expectations of maintaining this lifestyle every single day for the rest of my life, but I think one week isn't too much to ask. 1 week being Monday through Friday. Let's make things realistic here.

  • Dinner all 5 days of the week. For anyone out there playing along, this website is a (domestic) God(des)-Send. 1 Bag, 5 Dinners
  • Laundry . . . I hate to set a goal I won't complete. So let's just say we'll try to fold some laundry this week.
  • At least one blog entry this coming week. That should be easy since I will have to return and report!
  • Write a little bit of my book every day. If any of you are interested in reading what small bits and parts I have done, let me know!

  • Exercise every day, Monday - Friday. The gym has a step class Monday and Friday that I really like, so going to that step class those days will also be part of my goal.
  • Scripture Study and Prayer all 5 days.
  • Each room in my house to be cleaned top to bottom at least once this week. I do not maintain any illusions that every single room will be spotless at the end of every day. But if each room is clean at least one time during the week I will be satisfied. I have 7 rooms and only 5 days. Wish me luck!
All of this, of course while keeping my children alive and relatively happy. I would appreciate love and support as I try to make my goal and more importantly, check on me throughout the week to make sure I haven't spontaneously combusted.