Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nothing incredibly excited this week either. Juliet keeps growing up faster and faster -- it makes me sad to realize how very big she is. I know she will only get bigger.
Isaac has turned into more fun for her since he recently started army crawling. Spencer says that Juliet is a bully but we consider it tough love and Isaac is just going to have to get used to it. They have a good time together. Hannah is a tank who puts up with Juliet's occasional head pats - but I don't think Juliet has quite realized that Hannah is a person.
School is halfway through and not a moment too soon!!
I would really be enjoying my classes if I didn't have them all the same semester. Oh well. I feel bad sometimes because I'm not working on my classes nearly as hard as I normally would. It has gotten to the point where my goal is a passing grade. Easy Peasy.
Brett is ready for a new job. We are excited for our move to Lubbock and are apartment hunting.
Juliet just said momomommom for the first time ever! She always says dadadadadad. My heart is melting!

We love you all and miss you -- and can't wait to see you all in July!!