Sunday, May 1, 2011

All my projects.

I don't know if this is a problem that all women face but I'd wager that it affects 85% of all women in one form or another (I used a hypothetical statistic to make my point seem more legitimate).


Not just projects but PROJECTS.  As in, you started one thing and then started something else before finishing that one thing although finishing that one thing would have taken maybe an hour but now it is 2 years later and those two little somethings left undone have reproduced into a million billion little somethings that with a little work would be done but instead are left to form their own families of little somethings.

Little reproducing bunny something projects.  This is my problem, and the problem that I would wager affects 85% of all women in one form or another.

For example:
Floor pillows: Started September 2010.  Status: 90% completed.
Amigurumi Koala Bear: Started April 2010. Status: 10% completed.
Girl Child: Started September 2007.  Status: 16% completed.
Boy Child: Started April 2009.  Status: 11% completed.
Blog: Started February 2008.  Status: always behind schedule.
That totally awesome idea for a Musical I had: Started April 2011. Status: 2% completed.
Photography Whatever the heck it is: Started January 2003.  Status: in production.
Egg Garden: Started March 2011.  Status: 25% completed.
Window Garden: Started March 2011.  Status: Killed by husband. Currently suspended.
Painting Walls: Started March 2011.  Status: 1% completed.
Photo Mural: Started April 2011.  Statis: Very far behind.

All of these projects (and more) are currently in reproduction.  And yet what did I do today?  Did I work on any one of these projects?  

Nope.  I started a new one.