Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We swim!

This was our first official family swim of the summer. As a family. We went on Monday morning around 11 so the pool was deserted, which we like.
I take the kids swimming maybe once a week, but I always go when it is too unbearable hot to be in the house.  For those of you who don't follow my whiney posts on facebook, our AC doesn't work and our little apartment gets HOT.  I mean, cook an egg on the linoleum hot.  We all kind of lay around like sweaty miserable slugs until the sun goes down.  Or we go swimming.  Along with the entire neighborhood.  Because apparently noone's AC works.  Nice one, south plains apartments.
So we go to the pool with all our neighbors and yes, we are the only white people there.  People actually complain -- not because we are caucasion, but because we are SO caucasian we accidentally burn retinas when the sun bounces off our skin at just the right angle (or wrong angle, as your retinas would argue).  And apparently insurance doesn't cover retinas burned from reflected/ amplified sunlight exposure. Sorry neighbors, it is dangerous to swim with us.  But please don't evict us.  Just fix our AC and we'll stay inside more often.

Juliet likes to swim.

Bensen LOVES to swim.

See Juliet swim.

See Bensen LOVE to swim.

See Bensen and Juliet with their daddy.

See Bensen LOVE his daddy.

 See the man who doesn't read.  Except this one day when his wife wanted him to swim.

See his wife LOVE to swim!  
(First time Bensen has been in the water unaided!!) 

See Bensen wear girly floaties.