Friday, July 17, 2009

Domestic Goddess

Several months ago a youth knocked on my door trying to sell magazines to help pay for his trip to some place he thought was interesting. I don't remember where. Anyway, he asked what I did for a living, and I told him I was a 'stay at home mom.' His response,

"A stay at home mom? Oh, you mean a Domestic Goddess."

I did not buy a magazine. However, that phrase has always stuck with me. Now whenever I fill in paperwork and come to the employment box, I write "Domestic Goddess." It reminds me that even though some days I feel like less than mud, fulfilling my role as Wife and Mother is preparing me for the day when I can truly become a Goddess. And more importantly than that, it makes me happy to do it. I like to imagine people's expressions when they reach that part of my paperwork.
So ever since Bensen was born I have struggled with getting things done in my house. I must admit, I have let things slip a bit. At first it was totally justified. Having two kids is overwhelming. Having two little kids is impossible. And yet somehow women get through it every day. I am now at a point where life is livable again. Juliet seems to be calmer (or maybe I deal with her tantrums better?) and Bensen is growing up, and needing less attention less often. I am however, unfortunately in a routine that does not often include many responsibilities required of a Domestic Goddess.
For example:
Cooking Dinner. Dinner is a rare event in my house these days. Unacceptable.
Folding Laundry. Oh I shudder to think of my stacks of unfolded laundry!!
Blogging. Although Blogging is not a requirement for motherhood, I do feel it is a must for all Domestic Goddesses. What is the point of being domestically divine if no one knows about it? Blogs are like domestic scripture.
Some Sort of Hobby. A Domestic Goddess does not become weary with the monotonous tasks of daily life, for she has a personal outlet! Something she loves, or is really good at, or does simply so her mind won't rot away.
Exercising. A Hobby for a non-rotty mind, and Exercise for a non-rotty body.
Scripture Study and Prayer. A Hobby for a non-rotty mind, Exercise for a non-rotty body, and Prayer and Scripture Study for a non-rotty spirit.
Clean House. My house is already ALWAYS clean . . . ish . . . most of the time.

Monday starts a new day! I mean week. So, my goal this week is to experience a week of true domestic divinity. I don't have any expectations of maintaining this lifestyle every single day for the rest of my life, but I think one week isn't too much to ask. 1 week being Monday through Friday. Let's make things realistic here.

  • Dinner all 5 days of the week. For anyone out there playing along, this website is a (domestic) God(des)-Send. 1 Bag, 5 Dinners
  • Laundry . . . I hate to set a goal I won't complete. So let's just say we'll try to fold some laundry this week.
  • At least one blog entry this coming week. That should be easy since I will have to return and report!
  • Write a little bit of my book every day. If any of you are interested in reading what small bits and parts I have done, let me know!

  • Exercise every day, Monday - Friday. The gym has a step class Monday and Friday that I really like, so going to that step class those days will also be part of my goal.
  • Scripture Study and Prayer all 5 days.
  • Each room in my house to be cleaned top to bottom at least once this week. I do not maintain any illusions that every single room will be spotless at the end of every day. But if each room is clean at least one time during the week I will be satisfied. I have 7 rooms and only 5 days. Wish me luck!
All of this, of course while keeping my children alive and relatively happy. I would appreciate love and support as I try to make my goal and more importantly, check on me throughout the week to make sure I haven't spontaneously combusted.


Spencer and Anna said...

Hey Kristina! I like your blog. I'll have to tune in more often. I like all your thoughts on motherhood and life after babies. :) And I applaud your efforts at becoming a "domestic goddess" though I know you already are one.

Steven W. Hopkins said...

You can do it! Give it all ya got! Put your nose to the grindstone! Shoulder to the wheel! Hop to it! Go get'em tiger! Get'r done!


That's all the cliches I have. Hope it helps.

Denice said...

Ooooh, I like your idea of taking one week, just a single week, to be perfect and then worrying about the rest after that. You've inspired me (and one ought to be inspired by goddesses after all.) I have one full work week 'till vacation and I'm gonna be perfect! Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes ... I will diet, exercise, study, write, and yes - I will even wash my dishes.

Good luck! I'll keep you updated on how my week goes. :)

Kelli said...

I love your positive outlook. You can do it! I love making goals, it helps to accomplish more, which is a huge boost to the morale. I think the most important think after making goals is to allow for change when life gets in the way. Adjust and adapt are the two keys to success. You are doing a great job and I love that you are the mother of my grandchildren!

Melanie said...

You are making me nervous for #2 to come! hahaha