Thursday, February 21, 2008


Interesting coincidence. This week we started Juliet on solids. This week Juliet also started miraculously napping during the day. It makes me wonder if I haven't been inadvertently starving my baby these last few weeks.
She started napping about three times a day, usually for one hour. It is amazing the things I can do around the house now! Suddenly dinner every night becomes a major possibility! My house is clean! Life is good again!

This is Juliet's first experience with solids -- rice cereal. She seemed to enjoy it a lot more than the yams. We'll have to try yams again later.

She is doing well sitting up on her own and can hold out a few minutes before toppling over. Luckily she is an experienced faller so we don't worry too much about it, so long as there is something softish to fall on. She also sits still long enough to let me mess around with her hair which was fun! We were impressed how much cuter she became in pigtails. Who knew it was possible!

If you are interested in any of these pictures you can click on them and they open in their original file size which can be printed at a good quality. Enjoy!

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