Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today I will crochet a hat.

So I am an amateur crocheter which means I know just enough about crochet to make home-made gifts for friends and loved ones but not quite enough to make home-made gifts that friends and loved ones actually like.  This has made for some awkward Christmases where I think I have done the most awesome present and feel really good about myself and all the hours and love I've put into this gift and my friends and loved ones feel really bad for me and try to act happy and pleased with their semi-terrible scarf or flat-out laughable crocheted stuffed animal.

Brett keeps telling me to stop making home-made gifts.  (In fact he flat-out refuses to let me crochet anything for his side of the family.) He says they aren't things that people ever actually wear unless they are 100% positive they will bump into you that day.  And even then they have to convince themselves to wear that thing just this one time.

So to find out how terribly magnificent my homemade gifts are, I will make myself a hat.  And if I can wear it out in public because I actually like it I will know that I am truly a successful home-made present giver after all.

But if I am embarrassed to wear it out in public, I will secretly know I should stop making home-made gifts.  But I will still wear it and tell Brett how truly awesome I am.  Just to make a point.

Either way it doesn't look likely that the home made gifts will ever stop.  So if I ever draw your name in the annual Christmas swap we should start doing you know what you have to look forward to.


Laura said...

Whatever! I LOVE the scarf you made me and i get compliments on it every time I wear it!

Dan said...

the scarf you made me is my favorite scarf EVER and i wear it every chance i get. and it doesn't bother me that no one can tell that it's mario, that's just because he's upside down.