Monday, August 1, 2011

I dream of Jimmy (pronounce it Jeemy so it becomes a cool 1960s pop culture reference)

So I'm not generally an obsessive person, but ever since we got those tickets to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon I've been a little obsessed (in case those last few blog entries weren't a tip off).  We have been off the charts googling for a hotel that will fit our budget and also be clean.

they really want to overlap, they just can't seem to get there.

I've been googling for fun 'off the beaten path' stuff to do in NYC -- I've already been to a lot of the big tourist places and Brett just isn't touristy.

And of course, Jimmy.  We are freaking going to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  I am so beyond excited about this, and feel like I have to get all the way caught up on my Jimmy Jargon.  There are so many SNL clips I've never seen, a few Late Night episodes I've missed, embarrassed to say I've never seen Taxi OR Fever Pitch and holy crap I am a google stalker!  This concentrated Jimmy Obsession has really worked a number on my brain, and it has been manifesting in a crazy reocurring couples date night dream.

They usually start just after the taping of Late Night when Jimmy is running up and down the aisles giving high fives and handshakes when he inexplicably stops right in front of me (and Brett, who is wearing a thundercats T-shirt, and I am wearing my wedding dress) and asks, so, you guys want to hang out tonight?  And I of course reply, "sure, we are in New York City but the only thing I want to do while I am here is have an awesomely tame game night!" Jimmy of course thinks this is a fabu-idea and we are magically transported to what I think is the 'living area' of our high class hotel room (this is when I start realizing I am dreaming because obviously we could not have afforded this hotel IRL).

Jimmy has brought his wife along (who is sometimes the lovely Nancy Juvonen and sometimes the equally lovely Denise Fallon) and we are sitting around the table playing Jenga (do people actually play this game any more?) when someone knocks on the door and low and behold, Tina Fey heard we were getting together and thought she'd stop by with Rich (shoot, I know his name is Jeff but she's the one calling him Rich so we all go along with it.). Sometimes it isn't Tina Fey who stops in.  Sometimes it is the New Kids on the Block (the 90's version)  one time it was A.D. Miles (we didn't let him in though, not sure why) and one time it was our good friends Spencer and Allison which clinches it for me that this is NOT a prophetic dream because although everything up to this point is believable, Spencer and Allison's surprise visit to NYC during our anniversary trip just isn't.  So there ya go, I cannot see the future.

So Tina and Rich come in and Brett bumps the table spilling Jenga tiles everywhere which was okay because no one cares for Jenga anyway and did Tina remember to bring Monopoly?  Someone suggests charades which to my waking mind seems like a fabulous idea.  But by the time I yell out "Lord of the Rings!" I'm back in Lubbock Texas tangled up in a sheet and accidentally elbowing Brett in the face.

I think it's time to lay off the google for a while, but not before I create this awesome composite of what dream couples game night looks like.


Spencer and Allison Hancock Family said...

You forgot the picture of me and allison, but awesome dream anyways!

Kristina said...

Spencer, I was trying to keep it as realistic as possible, and putting you guys in there too just put in over the top, you know?

Anonymous said...

You have the most beautiful children...