Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guess who doesn't do well in Nursery?


Nursery was a little shorthanded today so the Primary Prez. asked if I would help out.  Can I just express how grateful I am for those wonderful souls who work in the Nursery every week?  I make an effort to thank them every time I drop off and pick my kids up from class, and it has always been entirely heart-felt.   Well now it will be heart and soul-felt.  And mind and body!

This was Bensen's second week of nursery and he does not like it. It doesn't help that it is during nap time! Even if I am in there with him he is always hanging on me and half crying.  Can I really blame him?  I felt the same way!!!

"Okay Juliet-- look frazzled!!"


Kelli Foutz said...

Great pictures! Poor Bensen, he will learn to like it! I hope! Nursery is such a blessing to Mom!

Steven and Natasha Hopkins said...

I love the hand prints on your skirt!