Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Selfy Cruise

I've never really been into selfies since there are usually two of us. But since there was only one of me during this cruise, enjoy the selfy shot!

At the resort before embarkation. First vacation (without kids!) since we got married!

The view from my parents' balcony on the ship. The water was incredibly blue!

Roatan Honduras, reminded me a lot of Chile. But since I didn't get a picture of the city you'll never know why!

Nothing better than having Denice when your husband isn't around!

About to do the zipline.

Crazy fun!

Relaxing on the deck.

Boat in Belize.

Lamanai ruins -- ancient ancestor?? (This is the Mask Temple)

Climbed the high temple and felt it for days!!

Jaguar temple. Belize is hot and humid!!

Ship's Lobby. Valor was just about the dumbest theme a cruise ship could get.

Ocean view dining.

Cool blue bird man in Cozumel. It rained on us the whole day. It was warm though!

Enjoying my deliscious fruity drink in the Ivanhoe theatre.

Well, that was my cruise in selfies!! For a more detailed account (and pictures of other people) check out my facebook album. (coming soon!)

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Kelli said...

Yeah for Kristina getting a break! Yeah for getting to be with your whole family! Yeah for getting to explore exotic locations! Yeah for Grandma getting lots of loves and kisses while you were gone.