Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Second Christmas

Well as I mentioned before, Brett worked on Christmas. Not only Christmas, but Christmas eve, the day after Christmas, and basically every other day he could convince his coworkers to give him a shift. It was looking to be a lonely holiday. Until, inspiration! Brett shipped me off to California for the Holidays. I felt a little guilty leaving him home alone, but I think his new video game was a more than adequate consolation prize.
This photo doesn't really look too much like sunny California, but it is! We went to Tahoe and stayed in this fun cabin for the week. We had a great time.

It seemed like Christmas would never end! I had already celebrated Christmas the week before with Brett, and now it was Christmas all over again! We had a great time. Juliet had a blast with her uncles and aunties, and got loved to death by grandma and grandpa Foutz. It would have been the perfect Christmas if only Juliet would sleep. And if only Brett had been there.
This is the fun tree Carlie created for the cabin. It was a lot cuter before Juliet got to it.

She absolutely hated being outside. I couldn't get 1 single good picture out of her. I guess snow isn't her thing.

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Jennie said...

I can't believe he shipped you off and didn't come with you. He must be working hard for his expanding little family.