Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis the season!

Is it cliche to say that Christmas is my favorite time of the year? Well I don't care because I love it. And it just goes to show how awesome it is by how many other people love it too.

One of the most exciting things about Christmas this year was being able to decorate our own house. The last two years we have purchased Christmas goodies in January, and this year all that saving paid off. Our first Christmas tree! It almost turned out that we would have no tree for the third year running, but as luck would have it (and a few fervent prayers) a sister in our ward replaced her tree this year, and gave away her old one. I expected it to be one of those really old annoying 'you must fluff and add every branch yourself and are probably missing a couple' trees -- but it was BEAUTIFUL! It was a true blessing, and we love love love having a tree in our home!

Since Brett is working this Christmas we had our own family Christmas early. It was exciting to stay up and play Santa!

This was a definite Christmas favorite. It is on loan from my sister but Juliet doesn't know or care. She loves it!!

My husband knows me very well. And I love hot chocolate!!

Juliet couldn't even wait to finish unwrapping her new little chair before she had to sit down in it!

I sent Brett outside on a photo scavenger hunt so I could get his present out. I wasn't about to wrap that huge box. For those of you who can't tell by the cut off box at the bottom of the picture or the silly school boy grin on Brett's face, he got Guitar Hero World Tour for Christmas.
Delicious pancake Christmas breakfast, with egg nog of course. And orange juice. And milk. And eggs and bacon . . . mmmmmmm......

It was a great Christmas. After opening presents we ran to the doctor's office for my first visit. We were secretly hoping to get an unofficial ultrasound but we didn't even get to meet the doctor. Too bad!! Our big ultrasound is scheduled for Jan. 8th so we have to wait EVEN longer. Having a baby in Texas is a mess!!!
We hope everyone else's Holiday season has turned out to be as fulfilling as ours. We love you all so much. Merry Christmas!

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Jennie said...

That was your first appointment?! Wow, I feel like I have had so many, but half of them I just get weighed and blood pressure anyway. But hopefully you find out next week.