Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy Halloween!
We had a pretty uneventful Halloween. We had a ward party where we threw together a makeshift halloween costume, inspired by my big brother Daniel. It didn't occur to us that we no longer attend a married student ward until we were already on our way to enjoy ward Chili.
Sure enough! We were one of maybe two couples that dressed up. Oh well, it was fun anyway. Juliet made an adorable nose.
We had a pumpkin carving party about a week ago (and have since learned a valuable lesson: do not carve your pumpkin a week before Halloween. It was always okay in Rexburg where the cold would preserve the pumpkins forever. In texas they are noticeably depleted the next day.) It was a lot of fun! We are trying to make new friends, which has been hard for me since the only time I get out of the house is on Sundays. And on Sundays I am in the primary (did we mention we are the 10 year old "Valiant's" teachers?) so it was nice to get some people over.
Actual Halloween was kind of a drag. Brett had to work that evening so I was stuck at home with Juliet with no car and no second eyeball. And no trick or treaters! Our neighbor Ruth came over to trick or treat so I gave her a hefty handful of nerds and dots. We saw no one else. Sad! Juliet did find a box of nerds, which after some manipulation she managed to break into. And thoroughly enjoy until I managed to sweep them up. :) She is such a character and we love her so much! Brett got home about 10:30, so to celebrate the Pratt's came over with Tod and Emery and we played games until we were about dying of laughter. or Exhaustion. It was a good ending for an otherwise disappointing day. I'm excited for next year when Juliet will be old enough to trick or treat!!

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Jennie said...

You're looking good Kristina. I'm sad no one else dressed up with you.