Saturday, March 29, 2008


Sorry I have not up- dated in a while, it has been pretty crazy around here. Things are finally starting to settle down just in time for finals. Dreaded finals!
Juliet is doing really well on solids, the new difficulty we have run into is the foot. Apparently feet are much tastier than anything I can whip up. Dinner consists of "Peas, foot, peas, foot, peas, foot." It makes for a messy meal. She gets distracted really easily when she's eating which has been really frustrating for me. It takes forever for her to eat anything. She's crazy!
Easter was a lot of fun. We had fri- ends over for easter dinner and dying easter eggs. We had roast and potatoes and artichoke appetizers which was a lot of fun. Juliet wasn't that interested in Easter pictures so I didn't get any that I really really liked. Oh well.
Bath time has been a lot of fun since she is more active than ever. She actually rolled over in the tub this week. Can't take your eyes off her for a moment!
We are doing well. Brett's projects are going great. It has been nice having the drafting table because even though he is usually busy when he is home, at least he's home. I don't think we'd ever see him otherwise. I am excited and very nervous to go back to school full time this summer. We found a nanny who's going to be taking care of Juliet while I am at class, and that has been a huge relief, but I don't know how I am going to manage a house and get all my homework done.
I'm sure everyone has seen this video, but if not, it goes to show how truly advanced Juliet is.

We love you all and miss you.

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