Monday, January 28, 2013

What a waste of markers.

Dear White Board Dudes:

I recently purchased a package of your SRX 2 in 1 dry-erase markers.  My kids got an easel from Santa that included a dry erase board, and I thought the large array of available colors at a good price would be perfect for them.  I opened the package, dumped them in the easel tray, and thought all was right in the world .... until....
First of all the markers are very difficult to open.  My 3.5 year old and 5 year old would bring me marker after marker to open, and even though I think I am a competent adult with average strength (nothing to brag about but I am capable enough keep a house running and de-lid a marker every once in a while.) I had a difficult time opening many of the markers.  This in itself isn't a huge problem since I try and be at least a little interactive with my kids in the rare moments when they are entertaining themselves, and prying off a marker lid occasionally is just about as much contact as I'd want.  The real problem came later.  I have good kids.  They know how to take care of their stuff.  And so when the markers were all put away and my kids tucked into bed, we were happy dreaming, completely ignorant of the fact that all our markers were dying a sad, slow death.  
Those markers, nearly impossible to de-lid, are even more stubborn when trying to re-lid them.  Stubborn and tricky.  They might look like you got the lid on, but upon further examination, they require one last herculean effort to snap that dreadful thing to.  You'd think they had a death wish.
Perhaps they did, for only 3 days had passed and already every marker useless.  And you can bet that after 3 days the package they came in and the receipt that bought them are gone to the wind.  The point of no return.

So I am writing you to let you know, please make your markers a little more accessible and stowable in the future.  What a sad waste of ten dollars.

-The Stay at Home Wonder Mom

Board Dudes SRX 2-in-1 Double Sided Dry Erase Markers (42402BDUA-24)
suicidal markers

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Melanie said...

Love it! The post i mean, not the markers. Our dry erase markers seem to get on everything, and they don't wash out very easily. We use them sparingly. Plus they have a potent smell!