Monday, October 24, 2011

Behold. My inner nerd.

I love inflicting Halloween costumes on my children.  Juliet was old enough this year to decide what she wanted to be for Halloween.  Bensen wasn't.  But I am afraid he will be old enough next year -- so this might be my last epic Halloween costume.



Becky said...

i hate to say i don't get it. who is that guy? otherwise, bensen is the most handsome little devil! i seriously could eat his face.

JustinP said...

Isn't he supposed to have a lightning bolt on his forehead? That's my best guess without googling it or something.

Denice said...

You are my favorite nerd-mom ever! Dr ... who?

Dr. You!

Yeah, I said it.

Jenny said...

Yes, you are awesome. :)