Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kristina walks 5000 miles (to kick cancer in the face)

I am running a 5k on October 1st to help raise money to find the cure for breast cancer, and I am going to ask for your money now so that you don't get distracted by my long-winded post and never make it to the end where I ask you to sponsor me and make a donation.  

We will now return to my irregularly scheduled blog.

So you know how I posted almost a year ago now that I started running?  (of course you don't, you only recently started reading my blog because you googled Jimmy Fallon and for some reason this popped up.) Anyway about a year ago I posted that I had started running.  Well it was a lie esteven.  A lie!  I did run off and on for maybe 3 weeks.  And when I say run what I mean is that I ran for about 3 minutes and then cry-walked for 5 minutes, and then ran for 3 more minutes and then cry-walked for 5 more minutes, and after 30 minutes I leaned against a tree, threw up, and asked my husband to come get me, where ever I was (about a block from home, usually.)
Well every year 5k time starts rolling around and for some reason I think, "Yeah, that is something I want to do!" probably because I am a tiny bit masochistic.  Anyway I get this idea that I'm going to be a runner, and then I run maybe 2 or 3 times, and then the 5k draws closer and I think, "WTHeck dude, I'm not paying $30 to do something I hate."  And so I don't.

Well 5k season is coming around again.  And I'm starting to get the itch.  But I'm trying to be more realistic this time around.  I don't want to pay $30 to do something I hate.  And then it strikes me like a lightning bolt.  
People don't actually pay $30 to do something they hate (although some people do like it, but they aren't paying $30 to do something they like either, cause running is usually free.)  

Yes I am dumb.  It had never occurred to me that my $30 was going to cancer research.  Or whatever your 5k was for, but you get my point.  And in case you didn't, I will make it one more time.  In bold.  With a larger font.

I'm not paying $30 to do something I hate, I am paying $30 to kick Cancer in its FACE.

And thus I have found incentive to go out and do this.  So for the first time in my 28 years, I actually registered to run 5k to show breast cancer what's what.

Now I just have one problem.  I can run 2 miles, but that is about it.  I've been told that if I can run 2 miles now, then there's no reason I shouldn't be able to run 5k in one month.  But honestly peeps, I can't see myself being able to run 5 thousand miles EVER.  Let alone in 1 month!  So I need help.  I need you to keep me motivated.  Because I don't mind squandering my $30 and not showing up for the race, but I could never squander other peoples' monies.  

I mean donate your money to the cause.  And donate it here, under my name, so I know that someone out there is holding me accountable to not only kick cancer in it's face through monetary donation, but to tread over it in my sweet nikes as I cross the finish line (even though I will probably be cry-walking long before mile 4,999 rolls around.)

Now if you can't donate, I get that.  We are broke except for the few months right after student loans come in (which correspond perfectly with 5k season) so there have been plenty of times that "the cause" has come around and I've had to close the door and curtains in shame because I had nothing to offer.  First I will say, if you have $5, we'll take $5.  If you don't have $5, you obviously at least have the internet.  So pass it on.  My "Dear Jimmy Fallon" post was viewed 2,240 times.  That is NUTS.  And that was something that ultimately only affected ME.  So I thought, what if we could get this post circulated 2,240 X?  What if 1 in 10 people donated a measly $5?  That would be over $1,000.  And since my goal is only $100 (reach for the stars Kristina!) that would beyond blow me away.  In the face of our communal wrath, cancer doesn't stand a chance.

I would run 2,500 miles, and I would run 2,500 more just to be the (wo)man who ran 5,000 miles to fall down at Susan G. Komen's door (with an armload of your breast cancer fighting money).

**I am sure there are a number of you worried that I think a 5k is 5 thousand miles.  Don't worry,  I know perfectly well that a 5k is actually kilometers, not 5,000 miles.  But 5,000 kilometers is pretty far too! 

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