Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mixing my lives--- NOOOO!!!!

So I try not to post my photography business stuff on this blog because this is my family blog (ie the place where I rarely talk about my family cause I'm a narcissist) but I took my niece's bridals a few weeks ago, and since she is my niece I didn't post a gallery for her to order from, and since there wasn't a gallery there was no way for my mom to see her pictures. Or any other family member that was interested. So sorry for all those who are UNinterested.
And for those who are TOTES interested, check out my facebook page! KrisKris Photography


Jenn said...

XOXOXO (Blog love). I do. For realz.

Kristina said...

ahhhh thanks Jenn. I know. :D

Peterson's said...

Its TOTES the best Hun Cal Fro Yo.