Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Sad Halloween!

Well, just like every year, I put halloween off a little too long, was unable to fulfill my dreams, and was a little disappointed with our outcome.  Someday my love of Halloween will trump my tendency to procrastinate, but not this year!  The biggest disappointment was our Stake's lack of Cult Classic Culture.  I thought at least 3 people would recognize Bensen and me, but to my utter dismay, not one single soul knew what we were shooting for.  Oh well, I guess next year we will have to think of something even more cryptic and baffling to other trick or treaters.

 Bensen as Captain Hammer and (a mega weird picture of) me as Dr. Horrible
Juliet begged to be a robot, so the day of our Stake Trunk or Treat we spray painted some boxes silver, realized it wasn't working, and dug up an old tutu.  She was a little bummed but got over it.

We stayed in on actual Halloween, excited to recieve some trick or treaters.  I set up my mad scientist lab in the front window, turned out all the lights, and waited for our first victims!!!!  .............  Not a single trick or treater this year.  So mega sad!  So we painted each others' faces instead.  The kids were happy, I was the only disappointed one of the bunch.

Well, at least we know now for next year!  Stay tuned for our mega awesome trunk that we will be contributing to next years trunk or treat!!


Havilah said...

if it makes you feel better, I recognized you as dr. horrible and captain hammer RIGHT when I looked at your picture! (before reading about how sad your stake is)

Steven and Natasha Hopkins said...

I think you guys look great. I love your lab coat.

Denice said...

I feel sad for all the deprived people in your congregation. Sure, they have the gospel and that's really great, but clearly something is still lacking.

I think you need to go on a Dr. Horrible mission. You were the one who converted me.

Dan said...

i am disappointed in your congregation as well.
coincidentally, i wanted to be dr. horrible for halloween, but i couldn't find a lab coat.

Rileigh said...

Hi! I totally get your costume and think it is fabulous! There are just not enough people in the world who appreciate, A. Joss Whedon, B. Neil Patrick Harris and C. Nathan Fallon, which is just sad... for them.