Sunday, November 28, 2010

Give me my hair!

There are around 383 operating drive-ins in the good ol' USA, and we have been blessed to have one of them in Lubbock Texas!  Even more fun, our Drive-in is open year round, so you can enjoy your favorite movie as you slowly freeze to death.

Last night we decided to have an adventure to top off our fun-filled thanksgiving weekend.  Since there was a Tech game last night we were confident the drive-in wouldn't be too crowded, so we loaded up the car with snacks and blankets, donned our pajamas and headed off for the 7:20 showing of Tangled.  At the theater ($6 bucks for all three of us to see a double feature -- can't beat that!)  I moved the babies' car seats to the front two seats, and snuggled into the back seat with the snacks, doling them out as I saw fit.

The kids did great!  Everyone loved the movie, we stayed relatively warm (turning the engine on every 20 min for a quick reheat!) and we got to eat as much popcorn and dry cereal as our little tummies could hold. During the intermission we took a quick potty break, buckled the babies back into the back seat, and I sat upfront to watch Secretariat (ye old horse movie).  The babies fell asleep and my movie was over in time to go pick Brett up for work.

All in all a very successful evening!

As we were driving home from the airport Juliet roused momentarily to exclaim, "Give me my hair!"  I'm taking it as a sign that she enjoyed the movie!

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Kelli Foutz said...

That sounds like a blast! I am so glad you took your babies to the drive-in. What a great movie! You are the best!