Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We got photoshop!

So. I have to say, there has been this really trendy photography going on where portraits and what not are really contrasty, or overlaid with this yellow or blue filter. And I'll tell you what, I tried everything to recreate some of these pictures. And finally, I asked a trendy photographer.

It's photoshop. It is allll photoshop. I was so very disappointed.
I know some of these effects can be achieved with a holga camera. Which is a very untrustworthy camera. That I don't own. SO. I was oh so very disappointed since I am not the biggest fan of photoshop. I just want to keep photography pure, you know
Well Brett bought photoshop. And so I have been playing around.
And it is a lot of fun.
Enjoy!! (these are before and after, if you couldn't tell!)

What do you think? And don't lie, you won't hurt my feelings.
P.S. I obviously did not take the bottom two photographs.


Jennie said...

I really like the first one, but the other ones seem too washed out for my taste.

Anonymous said... has some really good tutorials.

Alissa said...

of course it's all photoshop! lol!
love the one in the playpen.

Sarah said...

I LOVE my photoshop. does have great tutorials.
I have eben messing around with mine on making photos look like vintage photographs. It is super fun. Waterspots and the orangy/red color of the 70's. good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to reach into the screen and grab that baby. How exciting to have photoshop. I have no doubt with all your talent you will have it figured out in no time!

Kelli said...

That anonymous person was me? Don't know why it turned out anonymous. . . I must have hit return too soon. Oops.