Friday, August 7, 2009

In the swimming pool!

Juliet has a love hate relationship with the water, but recently she is leaning more towards love! We bought some floaties for her a few weeks ago, and the first time she put them on she HATED them!! They keep her afloat but they keep her face pretty close to the water, which she didn't like. She is very clingy in the water and never gave the floaties a chance. Well, this week we finally made a break through! I eased her into the water and then just yanked my arms away from her. She bobbed into the water once, her eyes wide in terror and then . . . floated! Terror gave way to surprise, which turned into hysterical laughter. Which turned in to choking. If she opens her mouth her chin dips under water and she gets a mouthful of water. Which she seems to enjoy. Ingesting pool water won't kill an almost 2 year old, will it?
Well by the time we left, she not only loved floating around in the pool but any time I would reach for her she would push me away. It was actually making me nervous because she would really start choking and I'd go to lift her out of the water and she would swim away from me, choking!! What a weird-o.


Kelli said...

Wow, what a great story! So glad you have a pool there. Floaties saved my life when I had so many little kids. The one down side is that sometimes they forget they don't have them on and go in, not realizing they won't float. I LOVE the lace on her floaties! Too cute!

Denice said...

I've been enjoying your blog a lot. Thanks for keeping it updated (unlike some slackers I know ... am.)