Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ode to Juliet

Juliet is finally getting over her travel funk and settling back down into life at home. She has been so sweet and perfect the last few days, it almost breaks my heart to think she won't be the sole center of attention for much longer. The big ultrasound is tomorrow, and though I've been pregnant for five months now, it seems like this is the event that is going to make this new baby real. So before that happens, before I get wrapped up in setting up for new baby, in finding a baby name, in worrying about space for #2, I wanted to reflect a little about that first baby that stole my heart.

Juliet just a few days old: several people warned me that some new moms don't instantly bond with their newborns, that often enough it takes a few days, weeks or even months for women to feel that instinctual bond with their baby. Not so with Juliet! The moment she was placed in my arms I knew I would do anything to keep her happy and safe. I loved her in a way I never understood before. My sweet baby!!

Juliet at 2 months old -- this same trip was the first time I ever heard her laugh. It nearly melted my heart! We spent the rest of the vacation trying to get her to make that sweet sound again.

Juliet at 4 months old: starting to sit up on her own and her first taste of rice cereal. And yams. She hated them and still hates them. This was also the first time I ever got a rubber band into her hair! She is so beautiful!!

Juliet at 7 months old -- She has two tiny teeth poking in from the bottom. I could hardly get her to sit still for this mother's day photo shoot. She had been crawling for nearly a month and was unstoppable!! She hasn't quit moving since. She'll probably be flying soon.

Juliet at 10 months old -- She was a champ during the big move to Lubbock. Can you believe 6 more teeth in 3 months? She never complained once. Sweet angel baby!! She's already a professional walker -- if only we'd had a yard to run around in!

Juliet on her first birthday! She is so over photo shoots. I have to resort to all kinds of trickery to get any decent photos out of her. This is a sweet reaction to peek-a-boo with mom. It is soooo hard to play peek-a-boo while trying to aim and click!

Juliet today, 15 months old. I can't believe how beautiful she is!! When Dr. Barton first handed me that (not-so) tiny little baby, I thought I couldn't love her more. Well, today I love her more, and I can't imagine being able to increase that love or my heart will blow up. At 15 months old Juliet has started to rapidly increase her vocabulary. It seems like she has a new word every day!! To date the words she uses often and correctly include:

I (short for "I love you")
Baby (and points to my ever increasing belly)
Dad (which means down)
Nana (banana, and sometimes other food items)
What's that?
Good Job!

Her other tricks include pointing out her nose and head when asked, singing "Jujy's song" (adapted from Elmo's song), laying down for diaper changes when asked (and when she feels like it!), throwing her own diapers in the garbage (along with sippy cups, socks, remote controls, and whatever else she likes), sitting down when asked, climbing onto chairs, stabbing macaroni with a fork, and unfolding laundry.

Juliet is truly the biggest blessing in Brett's and my life, and every night we thank our Father in Heaven for sending us such a special spirit. We look forward to watching her blossom into a little girl.


The Helvig Familiy said...

This post makes me even more baby hungry! I am so excited for you you guys. Juliet really is a sweetheart, or at least the tiny baby I met a year ago! Wow, has it really been that long. All I can say is your babies are so blessed to have such amazing parents! Love ya!

Melanie said...

That is so sweet. Juliet is a doll. I love the picture with the rose petals!