Saturday, October 25, 2008

Punkin Paradise!

Every October mom and dad took us to the pumpkin patch. Every year. Pumpkin Patch. Without fail. This was just how the world worked.

So I believed for 18 long wonderful years. You can imagine the terrible surprise my first October in Rexburg presented. There was not a single pumpkin patch in the entire city.

My second Halloween my roommate Chandee and I set out on a 5 hour long expedition to discover a pumpkin patch in the outlying areas. We were thwarted and had to resort to buying our pumpkins at Albertson's.

Pumpkins don't grow in Chile. They do have these incredibly giant squashes that would work well, except you can only purchase them by the slice. And going to the outdoor market to purchase a slice of giant squash didn't really leave me with the same warm fuzzy pumpkin patch feeling.

Well now we live in Lubbock. And some things have got to change around here. Luckily Brett is very patient and loving and most important, humors me.
Juliet had a blast with the mini pumpkins. She thought they were meant to be picked up and dropped. Which she did quite effectively with several of them. Luckily none of them busted open cause we didn't want to pay for them, just enjoy watching her pillage mini-pumpkin town.

Brett was the official pumpkin transporter of course. He did a great job! And as a just reward I gave him a dollar to shoot the corn cannon. (I'm the official cash transporter.) He almost won a free t-shirt. Well, I guess since we payed $1 to almost win it, it was more like a dollar t-shirt. But he didn't win. I think he still had fun though.

All in all I think it was a pretty succesful day. :)

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