Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Juliet vs. the Pancake

School is kicking my butt. Sorry it has taken so long to update -- I tried last week to update and realized we hadn't taken any photos in a while. So I've been working hard to take pictures this week.
In order to get them up here faster I had to make the files smaller. If you want the larger file let me know and I can email it to you!
It has been a pretty eventful month!!
We finally got a highchair. It just attaches to the table since we don't have a very big kitchen. Juliet loves it. She loves summer squash and peas, but still has a hard time with sweet potato and green beans. She of course loves applesauce and any other fruit she can get her hands on. We've recently started giving her table foods, and like a true Foutz, she loves PANCAKES!
As you have all probably heard, Juliet got her first tooth. I was oblivious to any signs of teething pains - just one day she stuck my finger in her mouth . . . and bit me!! It has since poked through enough to be visible (if just barely) in pictures, and has recently been followed by a second! She is taking it like a trooper. She has only been fussy a few times, but we blamed it on the awful cold she had. Both Juliet and I have been sick the last week and a half and it was TERRIBLE, but we are both starting to feel better.
Juliet has also started crawling. The video is a couple weeks old -- she is pretty much professional now. I wish she would have stayed immobile just a little longer! But she is loving it. She mainly crawls around on hands and feet - I don't think she likes the way the carpet feels on her knees.
It has FINALLY started to warm up around here. We still have a cold day everyonce in a while but the last week has been beautiful. I took Juliet out to play in the sun -- she doesn't really know what to make of it yet. She also tried to eat a dandelion which was pretty fun. Didn't much care for it though!

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